Publications – update October 2019

Zest Fest 2019-Ros clarinet

As well as documenting my practice as a musician working in hospital through my current PHD at SOAS, I’m building up a body of published articles and chapters, some written collaboratively which explore music making in hospital from multi disciplinary perspectives. I have two book chapters currently in draft stages, which will be published by OUP and Routledge next year, and the articles are published:

  • Hawley, R., Humphries, J., & Ramachandran, S. 2019: ‘Emerging Findings From Medical and Music Student Experiences of Training with Hospital Musicians’, Music Psychology Research Journal, Issue 6, pp.103-134.
  • Hawley, R., 2018. ‘Listen to a Songbird Sing: Musicians, Creativity and the Paediatric Hospital Setting’, International Journal of Community Music, 11:1, pp. 7–20, doi: 10.1386/ijcm.11.1.7_1.
  • Swindells, R., Hawley, R., Fisher, M., and Goldbart, J., 2016: ‘Finding our Common Pulse’. PMLD Link 27: 3, vol pp 16-18.
  • Hawley, R. 2013. ‘I am the Moon’. In Reaching Out: Music Education with ‘hard to reach children and young   people.’pp.162-166, edited by Chris Harrison and Phil Mullen. UK: Music Mark.

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