Drawing on her career as a specialist practitioner and trainer in the use of music in disability and healthcare settings, Ros is writing a PhD on her practice: “A Reflexive study of musician and healthcare practice in a UK paediatric hospital setting”.

She is interested in how approaches to musical interaction are developed when using music ‘in the moment’ within contexts of heightened emotional and musical sensitivity, and when requiring non- verbal communication.

Published work by Ros

I am the Moon

Ros composed a chapter in Chris Harrison and Phil Mullen’s Reaching Out: Making music with ‘​ hard to reach ‘ children and young people (2013). A case study of her work as a hospital musician, it describes her three years with a young patient at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital until the end of his life in 2012.

‘I am the Moon’ was accepted as part of an international panel on music and wellbeing at the Society of Ethnomusicology’s 60th Conference at the Austin Hilton in Texas, 3-6th December, 2015. (The abstract of ‘I am the Moon’ is on page 44.)

Transferable Skills: Enhancing the Versatility of Tomorrow’s Music Educators

Music Mark, the UK Association for Music Education, published an article by Ros on the value to professional musicians of performing in alternative settings such as hospitals.


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